Monday, February 28, 2011


Sauce day is pretty much what one would expect it to be. We made lots and lots of sauce. It was awesome. We had another sauce day before this one where we made some more classic sauces (Burre Blanc, Veloute, Beschemel, VEGAN BESCHEMEL(so fucking yums), etc) This day was for more modern sauces.

Instead of taking a picture of every sauce, I took a picture of my tasting plate.

 Starting from the top going clockwise there is vegan chimichurri, vegetables, red pepper coulis, a mushroom sauce, corn hollandaise (Lies. This was at best a corn puree), yellow pepper coulis, curry sauce (the runny yellow one) and parsnip puree. 
Then in the middle starting from the top is istanbul sauce(this was kind of nutty and tahini tasting. It was my favorite),  asparagus and beet carrot puree (this seriously looked and tasted like tomato sauce)
On the bottom rim are three different kinds of pesto. The one on the left is a pine nut and basil, the middle is a parsley, and the one on the right is a walnut basil. There was also a mint one which I didn't get a picture of, but if you imagine another dollop of sauce in a slightly different shade of green, that should do the trick. 

The afternoon was infusions.
 Basically just different oils and vinegars infused with ingredients to make them taste deliciouser.

Here are a few that were especially gorgeous
 Raspberry Vinegar

Lemon Dill Vinegar

Rosemary Garlic Vinegar

 Tarragon Vinegar

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