Friday, February 11, 2011

Micheallison is born....

We did something completely unexpected today. We cooked with beans and grains. 
As Brianna would say...weh woh.

We were divided into three groups. 
Each group made polenta two ways (so get ready for a shit ton of polenta pictures) and then another two dishes as well.

Here is Rodrigo cutting the asparagus for his brown rice risotto. Some of you ("you" being the 0 people who read this) may have noticed that Rodrigo's jacket not only fits him, but is also rather flattering. 
This is not the case with anyone else in my class.

One version of polenta with red peppers. 
After it was cooked it was spread on a sheet pan and cooled. This is right before it is going to be cut and grilled.

Some asparagus and polenta grilling.

Our instructor, Chef Cheryl, very effectively supervising the kitchen:

Alright, so, somehow, Michele and I wound up on the same team. 

I took a photo of her brushing our polenta with oil. 
This was after she removed a piece of her thumb while slicing some scallions. 

And then there was this:
The shaping of the Millet Croquettes. 
Basically, this meant Michele and I got to play with edible play-doh. 
Chef Cheryl let us make one into a star.
We named it Micheallison. Naturally.
This is her being pan fried:
She looks glorious, as is to be expected.

She shines. She really does. 

The final dishes came out really nicely.

 A navy bean stew

Baked Quinoa with Peas

Brown Rice Risotto with the Best Asparagus I've Ever Eaten. 

Baked Millet Croquettes with Red Pepper Coulis
We fried ours, these were the other teams. 
I don't have a picture of ours but they looked the same.

Corn Salsa
This was actually one of the most delicious things we had. 
Maybe it was the way Michele butchered the corn. 
But more likely it was the way I gently drizzled it with oil and vinegar and then seasoned it perfectly.

And then there was all the polenta.


With Miso

With Red Bell Pepper.

 Some Pan Fried. Some Grilled.
With Scallions

 Pan Fried
 With Red Bell Pepper.

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