Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Angelica's Kitchen!

Marvs came downtown to have dinner with me last night.

I was enthused:

He took me for a very tasty meal at one of the best vegan restaurants in the city, Angelica's Kitchen.

I started with the special appetizer:

Baked Rounds of mashed Yukon Gold potatoes and herbed seitan,
with a parsley almond pesto center; 
topped with dill-tofu sour cream and garnished with piquant marinated kale.

Marvs had the house salad with black sesame dressing: 

 Assorted lettuces; sunflower sprouts; grated red & green cabbage,
daikon, carrots and beets; topped with clover sprouts

Then I had soup and INSANE cornbread:
Creamy butternut squash soup with cinnamon

 Southern Style Cornbread
(I can't stop thinking about you, Cornbread. Come to me.)

Marvs had chili:
Piquant chili made with homemade seitan, kidney and pinto beans
& lentils; slowly simmered with sun-dried tomatoes and a blend of
chiles; topped with lime-jalapeƱo tofu sour cream. Served with fluffy
Southern style cornbread & butternut squash-red onion salsa.
I didn't like the chili, but Marvs was all over that shit. 

And of course, there was dessert. I asked our waiter to bring me his favorite option. He did not seem amused by the whimsy that was getting to choose what to feed me, but he did his job well and brought me this:

Cheesecake swirl mocha brownie with raspberry coulis

I'd order slightly more adventurously if I could do it over again, and I will do it over again, many times. The food was very good, but it didn't quite win my affections over Candle 79, the holder of my vegan heart. I did still leave with a food baby, though, which can only mean good things. For at least a week I will be fantasizing about cornbread and binge eating dried mango to fill the void.

Thanks for a delicious dinner Dad!

Have fun in London!

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