Monday, February 28, 2011

So, Stocks...

Not the most exciting day, but we did have one of my favorite chefs, Chef Alex:

We made a few different stocks:

Carrot Onion

 Brown Stock
I was told this imitates brown veal/beef stock, but is vegetarian.
What I should have been told is, "This is similar to a brown veal/beef stock in that it is brown. It is different from a brown veal/beef stock in that it tastes like vegetables."

 Porchini Mushroom 

Sarah and Pam not posing for my picture.
Sarah has two adorable nephews. 
That has nothing to do with cooking, but is necessary to mention.

We also made a quick mushroom stock which I apparently did not want to take a picture of. It was just dried shiitake mushrooms, kombu and water. 

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