Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bu Bu Bu Bean Day

Yeah. So. We had a couple of bean days earlier this week.

The first day was just a bean demo done by Chef Elliot:

Probably my favorite instructor so far. Seriously, I embarrass myself every time he's around because I am so obsessed. It's becoming a problem. He's definitely growing suspicious.
He made us this lovely spread: 
This school is really into toasting pita bread. 
You'll notice it makes an appearance nearly every day. 

Bean Stew and Lentil Soup.

 Sauteed Edamame with sneazeweed.
That actually made me laugh.
With seaweed.

"Healthy" Baked Beans. 
These literally tasted like candy. 
They were made with maple syrup, tomato puree, tamari, and some other seasonings.

Fucking Yums Humus.

There was also a Black Soybean Salad which was pretty tasty. It was all quite good. I especially enjoyed the stew despite the fact that it is the one that looks most like diarrhea. It was made with ginger, kombu and butternut squash. The flavors were really great together. I'll definitely make it at home sometime. 

The next day it was our turn to cook. Our wonderful instructor for this class was Chef Jill Gussman:

We did some different variations so as not to have several versions of the same exact thing. 

 These were the purees. 
There was a red kidney bean, cannellini, chickpea(hummus) and white kidney.

 I liked the cannellini best. 

 The bean salads. 
Black Turtle, French Lentil, Black Soybean, and Black Eye Pea.

 I liked the Black Eye Pea Salad best. 

The soups were hard to get all together.
Here are a couple of them:

 This was a pureed Yellow Split Pea Soup.
It was my favorite. 
And the one I made, coincidentally.

 I don't actually remember what this was.
It's definitely soup, though. 
There's that.
 The Stewwwwws.
I have no idea what any of these are.
I was totally out of it by this point.
By the end of class I am no longer capable of paying attention to anything going on.
I think Michele and I were probably taking pictures of each others' nose hairs.
 I don't remember. 

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