Monday, February 28, 2011

A whole day of fish-vegetables.

Today was sneazeweed day. Or as it is commonly known to everyone except me, seaweed.

I have not wanted to write this post because of how unfun I found this day to be, but I am forcing myself to do it. Seaweed is actually probably one of the most beneficial foods you can consume. It has amazing healing and detoxifying properties. It also tastes like dirty fish. So, I don't know...your call.

I don't remember what half this shit is. I'll look it up next time I have my notes, but until then, here are some pictures of seaweed food. 

 Casserole of some kind.

 Cucumber and Citrus Salad

Cucumber Salad sans citrus.

Something with tofu sticks. 

Another dish containing seaweed

I believe this dish had the word "Caviar" in the title. 
I have no idea why.
Maybe I should be paying more attention.

Seaweed and other edible things.

This was the seaweed dessert. It didn't actually have seaweed in it, but it did have agar agar, which is a vegetarian gelatin substitute that is made from seaweed.
On the left is a coconut lime "panna cotta" and on the right, a coffee version.
They were not very delicious. They had an off texture and not a fantastic flavor. The agar agar was not to blame, just the dish itself seemed a little lackluster.

This part I enjoyed.

Chef Elliot starting his demo. 
On the table are carrots, avocado, rice, scallions, nori sheets, an umeboshi (pickled Japanese plums) sauce, wasabi, and a dipping sauce.

Chef Elliot started by spreading rice on top of a nori sheet.
Then he added umeboshi sauce, wasabi, and the vegetables.

Next it was rolled up and cut.

Then we got a chance to try it on our own.
 This is my sushi roll pre-cut.

 And post cut. 

I am tops.

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