Sunday, February 27, 2011

Someone ran 4.5 miles yesterday

 and I'm pretty sure it was me. And probably other people too. But definitely me, also.

I use the Nike + iPod whatever it's called thing to track my runs. This was my run from yesterday. In total it says I ran 5.12 miles in about an hour. I think it over estimates slightly and I walked for 5 minutes at the end to cool down, so I figure I only actually ran about 4.5 miles. But I was running for 50 minutes straight which is the longest I've ever run without stopping to walk, or breathe, or throw up.

Also, on my run today, which I didn't track, I saw Kerri Russel in Fort Greene Park. My plan is to think about how much I want to be her for the rest of the day.

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