Saturday, February 5, 2011

Team In Training

       I just joined this organization called Team In Training. You can read all about it here: . It's an amazing group that organizes marathons, half-marathons and one of the formal really athletic versions of biking((?) I know nothing about anything.)). Anyway, for every event, each participant has to raise a certain amount of money. That money is then donated to cancer research. There are coaches and mentors that train you, are there to answer all your questions and that can give you great advice on how you can raise the money you need by the time the event rolls around. How awesome is that? (Very awesome is the answer to that question.) I signed up for the half-marathon on June 5th in San Diego. The amount I needed to commit to raise in order to participate in that event is $2,900. So if you think about it, if even only 10 people participate in my event, that will be almost $30,000 raised for blood cancer research. It's pretty satisfying to participate in something like this. Plus, it's additional motivation for when I'm training for the half-marathon itself. Now after an hour (5 minutes) of running when I'm thinking, "What am I doing? I could be home watching Netflix Instant Watch in my sterilized bedding?" I can answer, "Oh yea, I am curing cancer. Obvs."
           $2,900 seems like a lot of money to raise, but I have four months, so hopefully I'll pull it together. Hopefully. I just counted that out for the first time. Four months is not a long raise $2,900 or to train for a half-marathon. But I'm going to do it! With your help! So...CLICK HERE and give me your money....give CANCER RESEARCH your money!

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