Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Eatuntilyouareactuallygoingtopuke Day

Today was Pasta Day.

I tried to get the situation under control early by telling myself all last week that I was NOT going to eat anything on pasta day. This morning I said it over and over in my head...I am NOT EATING ANYTHING AT SCHOOL TODAY.

But, I know myself well enough to know that I am powerless to the potency of pasta. I made it through about half the class and then it was just over. Anything that was edible and vegan was in my mouth. Uch. So delicious.

Chef Rich (LOVE HIM) demoed how to make gnocci for us.

 Then we each rolled out a small batch of it, cooked it off, and prepared a brown butter sage sauce to toss it in. I don't usually post the things that we do at school that are not vegan, but this can very easily be made vegan by just using a different sauce.

Gnocci rolled and cut

 Marci and Lindsey manning their station.

 Katie O about to brown her butter.

Gorge, but not vegan.
I wanted so badly to eat this. 
Cheese is my nemesis.

Next we each got to make our own pasta dough. I made a vegan corn pasta. These were all of our doughs:

There were a lot of creative ones. 
A delicious vegan, spelt, porchini mushroom. (echem Sara Russel)
A rosemary, sage, orange zest. 
Tomato whole wheat.
Lots of cool stuff.

Then we rolled and cut our pasta.

This was Lacey doing hers. I thought she deserved time in the spotlight. 
(Spotlight= fragments of her arms being viewed by the 37 people who read this, at least 10 of whom I force to do so. ) 

Flat sheets for stuffed pasta (ravioli, tortellini, etc.)

 Angel Hair

Next we separated into groups and made different sauces and fillings.

This was our delicious tomato sauce.

There was also White Bean Sauce, Almond Cream Sauce and Walnut Pesto.

These were the fillings:

Tofu Ricotta

Beet Filling, Olive Tapenade, 
Pumpkin w/Walnuts and other deliciousness 
and Porcini Pesto

Filling time!!
I chose Half Moon Pasta That Has a Fancy Italian Name That I Can't Remember I'm a Failure. 

This was my corn pasta stuffed with the pumpkin filling and tofu ricotta mixed together.
I just cut rounds, put a small amount of filling a little off center and sealed around 
the edge with water and pressure.
I cooked this off and served it with the almond cream sauce. 

Everyone experimented and put all different fillings with different sauces and different pastas with different sauces....
It was a free-for-all and it all ended down my gullet.

This is what the end of pasta day looks like:

It's also what the end of a lesbian costume party looks like.

Aaaaand one more....

Is that Matt Wolfson?


  1. YUM! That tofu ricotta looks so good! I love, love, love vegan food! You have made me hungry! :)


  2. I recently blogged about my pasta class with Chef Rich too!

    Are you part time?

    I'm in 194T