Thursday, March 31, 2011


Decades ago, Michele, Patti and I went to Babycakes, a vegan bakery on the lower east side. I have been waiting for Michele SLOWSON to send me a couple of pictures from that afternoon so I could write this post, and 25 years later, she finally has. (It was maybe 3 weeks, but seriously, any pictures that Michele takes on her camera basically don't exist because unless you hound her to the point of actual illegal harassment, you will never, ever, see them again.)

Before I get into talking Babycakes, it is necessary that Patti get a proper introduction as I've never mentioned her on here before.

This, my friends, is Patti Kenyon:
Patti is by far one of my most valuable forms of entertainment at school. She is HYSTERICAL. She sings with me/too me which is the only true way to my heart. Needless to say, I absolutely adore her.
      I got sick the day we planned on going to the bakery, but couldn't let myself miss the opportunity of an afternoon with Patti, Michele, and baked goods, so I forced myself to get out of bed. (I can't remember a time when I have ever gotten out of my bed when I didn't want to felt sick for any reason that didn't involve eating. I am a slave to food + good company.)

I arrived at Babycakes to find Patti and Michele already there and waiting for me. (as usual) It looked super cute.

Inside was really cramped and there were a lot of people sitting/standing around. The kitchen was open and right behind the counter so you could see the bakers preparing everything.

She looks pretty serious, but she was actually quite nice and cooperative when it came to my slightly creepy request for pictures of her. There were a lot of delicious looking treats (ALL VEGAN!). Several different flavored cupcakes with different icings, quickbreads, donuts, brownies... a really good variety. Most of their stuff is prepared with alternative less refined ingredients like agave nectar instead of white sugar. There are also a number of gluten free options.

We decided to get four things and share them all.
A cinnamon bun, a caramel donut, a vanilla cupcake and a chocolate brownie/cake thing.

It all looked really yums, but honestly, I was so disappointed.
The cupcake was flavorless, the donut was dry and the chocolate brownie was just dull. The only thing that really made the trip worth it was the cinnamon bun. Delicious. Sweet but not overly so, with a pretty accurate cinnamon-bun-like texture. Definitely deserving of my affection. I would go back for that, but that only.

I think we were so bored with the baked goods that we somehow ended up giving into Michele's request to take pictures of us for her article. (CLICK HERE TO READ IT! IT'S GREAT!)

We got a little carried away. 
 At least Patti and I got to display our love for all of the lower east side to see.

Hi Patti! 
Now you're double famous.
We're singing Prince tomorrow. I've already planned it out. 
Dress appropriately.

And Michele, I still love you even though you took forever to send me these pictures.


  1. I really appreciate this post, as I'm ending my 5th week into veganism (discovered you via blog surfing a couple of weeks ago, btw!). Mother's Day and hubs' birthday are coming up, and I have asked to celebrate them with a trip to maybe Quintessence (which..maybe not, cuz I think it's mainly raw food, right?) or Blossom. Or maybe Pure..

    Since most of these places aren't cheap (no gripe, I'm mostly thrilled they exist as I look to discover them), this post really helps a newbie like myself.

    Thanks again!

  2. I adore you too, Miss Alli-Kat! And I love being famous so keep those articles coming- I have plenty more material. :)


  3. So sorry you stopped writing this blog! Love your sense of humor and daily musings...hilarious! Hope you will consider resuming when life and inclination permit!

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