Thursday, March 24, 2011

Red Bamboo

I don't think you have all been formally introduced to my sister, Lindsey:
Somehow she has managed to avoid being on here as often as she should be, but, I am determined to change

Tonight we got dinner at Red Bamboo. All I had to eat all day was, a bowl of Ezekiel cinnamon raisin cereal, a (huge)bowl of lentil soup, a pear, a minneola, nuts, vegan cake scraps from school, tasting of different frostings, a mini vegan muffin cake from left over cake batter, anything else edible I saw lying on the street and/or sidewalk, pumpkin seeds, I think accidentally(right) a piece of a band aid and $5.00 rip off dried mango from whole understandably, I was very hungry when Lindsey arrived a tickle bit late to the restaurant.

We were seated right away and I quickly read the the menu. It had a lot of tasty looking options. My sister is trying to eat foods low in acidity because she has some vocal cord issues and it is supposed to help, so we tried to pick out an appetizer that would be fitting to her restrictions.

 We shared the steamed dumplings. 
They had veggies and tofu inside and were served with a ginger dipping sauce. 
Quite yummy, but the dough was a bit thick for my liking. 
Also, I shoved these into my mouth so fast that they could have tasted like burnt tires and
I probably wouldn't have noticed.
I am such an attractive woman.

All of the options for the main course looked really delicious, but Michele and Sara ate Burgers/Veggie Burgers for lunch and I was salivating the entire time, so I knew I wanted something comparable. I also knew I definitely wanted french fries in my mouth as soon as possible. When our server came over I asked her what her favorite sandwich on the menu was and she pointed to this:

The Mottalini  
Two breaded soy chicken cutlets with Dijon mustard and vegan mayo 
garnished with lettuce, tomato served on a roll with fries.
I actually contemplated asking the waitress more than once if she was sure it was vegan because I really thought I was eating chicken. It was unreal. So. Good.

Lindsey, on the other hand, ordered the MOST BORING THING ON THE MENU.
Grilled Vegetables with Tofu and Brown Rice
It actually looked delicious and from what I tasted, it was pretty good.
I eat this ish (Hi Misch) at home everyday though, so, I like to order fun things when I go out.
I guess Linds likes to be healthy all the time. 

She broke down when it came time for dessert though. 

We got two cakes and shared.
 Carrot Cake

 Peanut Butter Heaven
So appropriately named.

This is what our plates looked like when we were so full we literally could not stand up:

Aaaand this is what they looked like 5 minutes after that:

I was dying.
(Notice that there is butcher's twine keeping one of my braids in tact.)

The food was good. Dessert was awesome. I left with more than a food baby, a food toddler, a food senior citizen...but it was so worth it.

Then we had a 45 minute photo shoot in the subway. 
Let's not talk about it.




  2. Love this ish... and I wanna go back with you and Lindsey ASAP. I wish we can go before boot camp one day, but THAT would be bad news. Next time try the citrus beef with asparagus or the BBQ Steak Hero, or the seitan kebabs. To. Die. For.