Sunday, March 6, 2011

Soups for to be creamy with

1) It's 4:04am. I'm not sure what the title of this post means, but it's not sexual in nature.
2) We had Cream Soup Day recently.
3) That's a whole lotta bullshit cause only one of the soups had cream in it.
4) I've recently discovered my distaste for not being asleep at 4:04 am.

The deal with Cream Soup Day was that we made a variety of soups with different thickeners that would yield a creamy texture without using cream. I believe the name should have been Smoothy Soup Day, due to the lack of any dairy whatsoever, but I'm pretty sure if I told someone I was making smoothy soup, they would think me retarded, so I guess I understand.

Smoothy Soups:

Celery Vichyssoise
The top thickened with potato.
The bottom thickened with oats.

The bottom thickened with potato.
The top thickened with an oil roux. (This was my favorite. So. Fucking. Good.)

 Carrot Soup
All of them are thickened with different things
One with rice, oats, oil roux, butter roux, and potato. 
There were two versions of the one with oats because I strained half of mine through a chinoise to see the texture difference. It was much smoother and more refined after the straining.

There was also a vegan version of this one made, I don't remember what it was thickened with, but I didn't really care for it. It's weird to drink asparagus things. They are better chewed. 
 Mushroom Soup
The top was thickened with cream and a butter roux, and the bottom was thickened with an oil roux.
I couldn't taste the cream/butter roux version (not vegan), but the other one was fantastic.


  1. Your soups look really good! the celery one looks yummy, but since I don't know much about cooking I'm no sure how you would thicken it with oats (I'm assuming you don't just add oats)!

  2. You do just add oats! At the end everything gets pureed in a blender so it becomes totally homogenized and the oats are indistinguishable, but their starch still works as a thickener. It's so much easier than you would imagine.